A Sapphire Earth Genasi with blue crystaline hair and a white star on his forehead.


digital & variety artist

Message me on Twitter, or email at [email protected]
Commission status page: Trello

commission prices

As of 11/28/2022. Subject to change! USD
On this page:
✧ Art commissions ✧
✧ PNGtuber commissions ✧
✧ Portrait commissions ✧
✧ Character art commissions ✧
✧ Outfit design ✧
✧ Book art commissions ✧
✧ Vtuber ready-to-rig model commissions ✧
✧ Vtuber asset commissions ✧

Atmospheric spooky ink-styled art: $100

Half-body PNGtuber: starts at $150 (blink and talk)
✧ Extra expressions: +$10 each (comes with talk/blink states)
✧ Outfit changes: +$50 halfbody
✧ Note, a very detailed model may be extra $, we can discuss it!

Full-body PNGtuber: $200 (blink and talk)
✧ Extra expressions: +$10 each (includes blink/talk states)
✧ Outfit change: +$70

Basic Portrait: $150

Detailed Portrait: $250
Has fully rendered clothing and hair. More "realistic".

Full-body/fully rendered character art: $450

Outfit design: $55
This is if you don't have any previous completed art or detail outfit references for a character and would like to build from the ground up. We discuss inspo and aesthetics, and I'll make several outfit sketches.

Book cover illustration: $500
With cover text and title: +$50
Wrap-around: +$50

Stylized Book Cover Illustration (simple): $200

Ready-to-rig Vtuber models
(paused for now, wait list avail)
✧ Half-body, art only (un-rigged): $550
✧ Rigging not offered at this time
✧ Extra outfits are $75+ depending on how detailed.

(paused for now, wait list avail)
Full body model, un-rigged: $675
✧Extra outfits are $125+ depending on how detailed.
✧ Rigging not offered at this time

Vtuber/PNGtuber asset commissions:
Custom microphone
✧ $85 - $120 for a unique custom Microphone no one else has
✧ $50 for microphones you allow an alternate/adjusted version to be sold on etsy/ko-fi.
It will still be special, but a less fancy and color alternate version can be made available to others.
Message for questions, we can discuss!
email: [email protected]

A Sapphire Earth Genasi with blue crystaline hair and a white star on his forehead.

Terms of Service

- My name is Dian, also known as RubyDianArts on social media, and I am a digital illustrator and variety artist with a fondness for sparkly rocks. What's a variety artist? It means I've done a variety of things including character art, digital pieces and landscapes, vtuber avatars, and book covers. I also have process videos on youtube and I stream art on Twitch!
- Commission status page on Trello
- I can do NSFW art, but you have to be 18+ to commission a piece from me.
Commission Process
- Contact me by email ([email protected]) or through one of my social medias (@RubyDianArts on Twitter).
- We discuss the piece and agree to a price and time frame. Prices are subject to change depending on complexity.
- When ready to start (which might not be right away) I send an Invoice for payment through Paypal. Let me know if Paypal's not an option and we'll find another way like Venmo, Ko-Fi, etc.
- I require 50% up front to begin work.
- Client will receive periodic updates with opportunities to approve work or make suggestions. On final approval, payment for the final 50% will be due. When finished, digital files will be delivered to the Client via email.
Important Notes
- I reserve the right to decline any work for any reason
- Artist's Reserved Rights: Client and Artist agree that Client must properly identify Artist as the creator of Work. Artist may use Work in Artist's portfolio (including, but not limited to, any website that displays Artist's works).
- Artist's Creative Vision: Client agrees that Artist will complete Work in Artist's creative style at Artist's discretion. However, if Client refuses to receive Work or wants Work to be redone after finalization, it is understood that the Artist may comply with said changes. The compliance of the Artist will be compensated with $25 per additional major revision made and major revisions include but are not limited to: changing pose, outfit, background. Before changing, Artist must inform Client if a change is a major revision.
- Q: Why are your prices so prices?
A: I want to support my fellow artists valuing their art!
- Q: Actually I think you should go higher!
A: You're too awesome... prices are subject to change. And thank you.
- Q: Who are your favorite artists?
A: There are so many I don't think I can name them all, but I admire Kuri Huang's beautiful use of color, WLOP's lighting, Huang Guangjian's painterly look, CLAMP's classic manga art, and the inky Scary Stories art by Stephen Gammell.
- Q: What programs do you use for art?
A: Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.